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Listing and Selling New and Re-Sale Homes in and around Western North Carolina. Please call one of us to meet with the team and allow us to find your perfect property!


Lawrence McNabb

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The McNabb linage has been rooted deeply in these mountains since the early 1800’s. It would be an understatement for one to say Lawrence’s heart is tied to these Smokey Mountains.  Having been blessed with loving parents who exposed him to the majority of our great country over his childhood, he was fortunate enough to have witnessed the true beauty of the rest of the country…but the mountains of Appalachia always called him back. Ironically, thanks to a chance meeting, he married a “Buckeye” who was visiting this beautiful area and, as they say, the rest is history.
“Fortunately life has blessed me with my travels. Having seen the beautiful regions of our country enables me to understand where people are coming from and what properties may suit their interests.  I want folks to see what I see here…a serenity that is untouched. Life here in these mountains is slow and easy…like my Scottish and Irish ancestors before me, that’s why I love these mountains so.”



Steve Parsons

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