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Steve Parsons

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Steve Parsons’ lifelong passion for the mountains began in his young heart at 9 years old. While gem mining on family vacation in North Carolina, Steve unearthed a 172-carat ruby. The crowds gathered, reporters showed up, and his hometown newspaper caught wind of their local-boy-turned-miner and displayed him on the front page! His quest for the treasures of mountain life never left him and although Florida born, his ultimate dream was to someday make his final resting place in the mountains.

That vision was set in motion in 2002 with the purchase of a small tract of land in Cherokee County where he hoped to build a home and a new future for his family. Three years later, his goal was achieved when he moved his family and built their dream home in Western North Carolina where they enjoy the treasures of their mountain community. He is active in his church and enjoys making new friends. Steve’s experiences have prepared him to come alongside anyone in their pursuit of real estate objectives and aspirations.

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